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Baton Rouge Improv Festival featured Smart, Funny, and Delicious shows from around the world including  India and the UK, across the country including Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, and right next door in Lafayette, New Orleans, and here in Baton Rouge! Check out our incredible lineup, complete with virtual and hybrid social events, collaborations, and so much more!

All shows were virtually streamed on our homepage for free. Every night there was a live event happening in Baton Rouge that will also be streaming! We are partnering with the East Baton Rouge Library in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana to host performances! Opening and closing night will be live at the Radio Bar.  

Last years  Shows May 2021
Virtual and Hybrid Shows

5-4 BRIF Show Schedule Image.png

WEDNESDAY 5/12 2021


Opening Night and Closing Night Celebrations and Parties

BRIF Open night gala will be spontaneous and hilarious way to kick of the festival. Meeting and find out more about the performers and the workshops of live streaming and hybrid from the Radio Bar in Baton Rouge, LA!

Social Networking Events

There will be a few networking and social events virtually each day of the festival. Follow us on social media to stay tuned for more info!

CHUCHO - Team Photo - Spoke.jpg


CHUCHO is an Latinx improv team that regularly performs throughout NYC. CHUCHO has trained at Magnet Theater, UCB, iO, WIT, Groundlings, Dojo Comedy, Theater 99, and the mother-loving PBCC (Palm Beach Community College), y’all! CHUCHO has performed around the country and in Canada where they were called "an international tour-de-force" by a close friend. CHUCHO loves improv as an art-form and they love playing together as a family. Their active push for diversity in comedy is what originally brought them together and sharing their comedic/cultural sensibilities is what keeps them going! ¡CHUuuuu-CHOoooo!

CHUCHO is Alex DaSilva, Kevin Kiernan, Patricio Machuca, Xavier Padin, Billy Soco, and Melissa Ulloa.


They Don't Know the Half of It

They Don't Know the Half of It: Theatre and improv collide as actors who’ve memorized scripts - and must stick to them no matter what - are paired with improvisers who won’t even know what play they’re in.


This theatrical Improv comedy group streaming in from London England the cast includes Charlie Sturgeon, Rhiannon Jenkins, George Rennie, Saskia Vinkhuyzen, Tanner Paul, and Jeanette Clarke.



Ripley’s premiere genre brings epic dystopian storytelling to life on the stage, honoring popular titles such as Hunger Games, Divergent, and A Handmaid’s Tale. In each performance, you can expect to find your lead woman battling the evil powers that be as well as her own hormones. What might otherwise be a silly exploration of teenagers in a bleak setting often turns into a heartfelt commentary on everyone’s unique ability to rise to the challenge and affect change.

Directed by Amanda Troop.

Madi Goff-Laurie Jones, Kelly Lohman, Sara Mountjoy-Pepka, Aliza Pearl, Amanda Troop, and Jessica Lynn Verdi.


The Final Rule

The Final Rule is a completely improvised Dungeons and Dragons podcast. For this show, we will randomly generate characters, take audience suggestions, and perform a "one-shot" adventure without preparing anything beforehand. As our tagline says: "Prepare nothing for anything."

The cast features Glenn Underwood, Chase Bernard, Brendan Bice, Vincent Bianca, Justin Haflich, Rain Scott-Catoire, Various Guests

THURSDAY 5/13 2021


Friends of Faen

Two founding members of LATco. Comedy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, TC and Moss, are scheduled to perform as a group called The Friends of Faen. 

SilverBacks2 (1).jpeg

The 90s Show

Silverbacks Improv Theatre will improvise a one-act play inspired by classic 90s television shows, such as Full House, Family Matters, Home Improvement and more. You could call it: Step by Step Family Improvement Full of Ties in the Wonder Years when a Boy Meets World - "A 90s Sitcom" – Featuring MONIQUE (not that Monique).


Costumed in their best 90’s apparel, the performers will embrace the golden age of family sitcoms (or the lowest sitcoms of all time, depending on your perspective). Family hijinks, wacky neighbors, precocious kids, blended families, and coming of age.


The Plural Noun

The Plural Noun presents "Multiple Things," which will feature some snappy short games, signature long-form experimentations, and only the Muses know what else.


The Plural Noun is a Lafayette, LA-based improv troupe coming from a variety of performance disciplines and backgrounds, sometimes no discipline at all. Over the years, we have built a reputation on innovation, marital hallucinations, and the occasional serial killing.

Cast: Haley Anslem, Jay Bell, Amanda Caldwell, Trevor Chapman, Gene Guidry, Claudia Mijares, Courtney Rozas, Chas Womelsdorf


No Lye Comedy

No Lye Comedy is a New Orleans-based collective of black femme comedians who are dedicated to building a diverse community of color in the comedy industry. And trying to take over the world.

We currently produce a weekly podcast, monthly live comedy shows, and performed improv, sketch, and stand-up in the Dallas Comedy Festival, the Diversity in Comedy Festival, the New Orleans Improv Festival, and the New Orleans InFringe Fest! If you'd like to support any of our endeavors, check us out on Patreon or donate to our PayPal account!

Family Dinner Image.jpeg

Family Dinner

The Family Dinner improv troupe has been performing in Baton Rouge for close to 20 years, with nearly 600 shows during that time frame. For the past five years, they have been primarily doing short form improv shows at the Manship Theatre in downtown Baton Rouge.  In addition to improv, the troupe performs a mystery science 3000 style movie spoof several time a year, lampooning classic movies ranging from “Dirty Dancing” to “Jurassic Park”.


Comedy Sportz, LA

ComedySportz is competitive improvisational comedy.


It's comedy played as a sport with two teams, a ref, and fouls.

FRIDAY 5/14 2021


The Velours, Live in Studio with Peter Smith

Vegas Lounge Lizards, Brian and Kelly Velour get all up inside their improvised repertoire with the help of jazz piano virtuoso Peter Smith. The Velours have performed at Joe's Pub in New York and been mainstays in the Impro Theatre Holiday Extravaganzas. Their album, "Amore Velore," doesn't exist.


The Over-Educated

They are Baton Rouge-based improv group that spent a collective 110 years in school before realizing that making stuff up together was better than getting degrees.  They all met playing with LATco Comedy. Brian Gouri, Janae Mitchell, Brett Duggan, and Cindy Carter.


Two Friends

Haeg and Butts: This duo will take you on a grounded, absurd journey as they explore different relationships. Casey Haeg and Jon Butts.

Gellman & Razowsky.jpeg

Gellman and Razowsky...virtually

Gellman & Razowsky...virtually is Michael Gellman and David Razowsky, two icons in American improvisation. This longform show marks the first time these masters have worked together in a two-person show. This is an historical event you won't want to miss.


Two For The Road

“Two for the Road” crafts gripping improv centered on honest and powerful relationships. Lafayette-based improvisers Sarah Mikayla Brown and Nico Zaunbrecher fully embrace the duo dynamic, shaping stories built not from wacky situations and snappy witticisms, but around the always transforming space between "I" and "thou." Two for the Road's sets are rare and highly anticipated in the Lafayette improv community

Rag Tag Improv 4.JPG.jpg

Rag Tag 

Girls, Girls, Girls.... Doing Improv. Rag Tag is an all female improv troupe brining you high energy free form improv hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 8.33.33 PM.png

The Love Circle

Using audience suggestions of online dating profiles, join us for a romp through modern dating in the internet age.


Emotional, funny, heartfelt, and a little bit steamy, the Love Circle follows an ensemble cast through their navigations of love, sex, and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2021-03-13 at 4.54.24 PM.png

Butch Bradley

Butch Bradley is one of the most popular stand-up comics on today's comedy circuit. His performances are completely spontaneous. A veteran of The Laugh Factory, The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Tropicana Comedy Stop, The Comedy Connection, and Comic Strip NYC, Butch's extensive experience has earned him opening spots for comics such as Ray Romano, Lewis Black, and Cathy Ladman.


Butch was also a featured comic at the 2001 Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado. He now is the resident 10PM comedian, Fridays-Tuesdays at the L.A. Comedy Club inside The Strat Vegas. Recently voted BEST IN VEGAS

SATURDAY 5/15 2021

Anchor 1
BRIF Puppet Improv Kid Time!.png

Puppet Improv Kid Time!

3 pm Central Time!

Bring your kids and enjoy improvised scenes and games with puppets!  Headed by Brian Jones (The Muppets, Muppets Most Wanted, Brian Henson's Puppet Up!), this group of family friendly puppet performers will use you and your kid's suggestions to create scenes and stories for all ages.  There will be stories of love, friendship, adventure and fun!

Bring your imaginations and join us!


Improv Revolution (IRev)

Improv Revolution generates creativity, comedy, and community at and around UC Irvine.

Through a positive approach to improvisation, we construct opportunities for as many people as possible to engage in the creative process and to participate in community.  We work on our own and develop partnerships in order to spread the good word of comedy and creativity. We strive to create smart, unifying comedy that is accessible by all.

We also do biweekly (or more) performances, runs weekly workshops, and even has a sketch team! 

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 10.15.47

LSU Improv Club

Louisiana State University's very own improv club will be our hosts for this year's festival! The "College Improv Tournament Regional Champions" have come to be known as the "Spontaneous Tigers."  They are fast, funny, and full of life, bringing their own style to long form in "The Step Up Story."​

Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 11.29.58

The Boys

Featuring Susan Messing and Rachael Mason - The Boys is Second City’s first resident improv show! Susan and Rachael have taught and performed all over the world for ages now. They are teachers, writers, directors, performers, and MILFs. Their workshops are full of mirth, direct feedback, and truth bombs. Their shows will consensually melt your face. Don't miss this incredible event and learn more on their website!


Ratas de Dos Patas

Ratas Gigante! Ratas de Dos Patas brings you an interactive game show that is a mix of The Price is Right meets Carol Burnet! Ratas Gigante will bring you fun-filled segments, commercials to out of this would products, and over the top characters that will leave you ja-ja-ing until your panza hurts!

Meet Maetras Picante, Chirota, Chismosa and Chingona. Four fierce, funny improvisers who will teach you about dreams, magic, gossip, and feminism one show at a time. Coming to Baton Rouge Improv Fest LIVE from Chicago.

Shrew Improv .png

Shrew Improvised Shakespeare

Shrew Improvised Shakespeare began improvising Shakespeare together in 2011 as Chickspeare. They have since performed five seasons at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Green Show as well as the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, the Kansas City Improv Festival, the LA Improv Festival, and Brit Week Los Angeles. Shrew regularly appears in and around Los Angeles and tours the West Coast performing and teaching a variety of workshops.


Nautankibaaz Improv Collective

Nautankibaaz Improv Collective is based out of Gurugram, India!They are the hottest Indian improv group committed to the cause of taking improv to everyone possible to spread joy and community building over everything else.

Their name comes from Nautanki, one of the most popular folk operatic theatre performance forms of South Asia, particularly in northern India. For the Baton Rouge Improv Festival, they will be presenting Bollyshorts - Mid form scenes with heavy Bollywood references, song, dance, and drama! 

SUNDAY 5/16 2021

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 1.27.14 PM.png

John Lehr & Friends

John Lehr created and starred in “10 Items or Less” (TBS), JailBait (Sony/Crackle), “QuickDraw” (Hulu) and assorted pilots for NBC, Comedy Central, MTV and more. All of them were shot in a hybrid scripted/improv format. In his workshop, Lehr will discuss how he pitched, wrote, starred in and showran TV comedies that incorporate the freedom of improv while still providing a strong narrative and structure.

Don't miss his performance with friends!


Pulp Playhouse

Impro Studio was created by Impro Theatre to establish a performance space where the Impro Main Company, students, and community-at-large could foster the growth of narrative improv in an intimate blackbox setting.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 10.25.11

Stand up Comedy w/

O'mar Finley and Friends!

Live Hybrid (Line Up TBA) O'mar Finley is a standup comedian, host, and model from Louisiana He has been producing comedy shows for 4 years. O'mar is starting production on his TV show on Louisiana Film Channel and spends half his time in Los Angeles.

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