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Welcome to the Baton Rouge Improv Festival Website!

The First Baton Rouge Improv Festival was a success


Please stay tuned for info about next year's festival.


The Baton Rouge Improv Festival (BRIF) is a five-day celebration of the art and comedy of improvisation.  BRIF is a Non-profit organization dedicated to the idea that improvisation empowers the voices of the unique and diverse performers who create spontaneous art. 

All the shows on the 2021 BRIF were free workshops were discounted and scholarships and outreach is made possible by your donations from private individuals and our partners. BRIF is a non-profit corp pending 501c3. If you want to help us make the festival shows free! 


It is our goal to bring people together into the electrifying now; to uplift, educate and inspire.


Events will include improv performances by groups and individuals from all over the world, panel discussions, and workshops with some of the most talented improv teachers, performers, and special guest instructors from across the globe.         

With over twenty performances from local groups in Louisiana such as No Lye Comedy and Rag Tag Improv, and nationally recognized improvisors such as The Boys with Susan Messing and Rachael Mason, Dave Razowsky and Michael Gellman, Shrew Improvised Shakespeare, and Chucho from NYC, the inaugural festival is one you won't want to miss and will want to return to for years to come! Shows are Free please continue donating to support this event and our outreach. 

Please watch and subscribe to BRIF Youtube Channel where you can see the best of BRIF shows and news! 

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Meet our partners

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We are a nonprofit organization that produces festivals and performing arts education in and for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana community, and beyond. There are two ways to give to the Baton Rouge Improv Festival:

<- PayPal or Gofundme ->.

For more info or to ask questions, we invite you to email us at .

We sincerely hope you'll read the 

Join Our Mission

page and choose to support!

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