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BRIF Workshops

The full list of workshops is coming soon... here is a taste to tease your appetite for learning.

The Baton rouge improv festival is offering workshops on a variety of improv topics from some of the best teachers in the world. 

Here are a few examples to get you hungry for learning!

IMG_1863 SM (1).jpeg

Improvisation for the Small Screen


John Lehr created and starred in “10 Items or Less” (TBS), JailBait (Sony/Crackle), “QuickDraw” (Hulu) and assorted pilots for NBC, Comedy Central, MTV and more. All of them were shot in a hybrid scripted/improv format. Lehr will discuss how he pitched, wrote, starred in and showran TV comedies that incorporate the freedom of improv while still providing a strong narrative and structure.


"Did you just wink at me?"


"In this workshop we will be digging into your characters emotions. Why your character is feeling the way they feel. Giving history to your partner and yourself. Allowing our grounding emotions to lead the scenes.

This workshop is geared to folks who have gone through at least a level one improv class, or someone who has a firm grasp of the basics.

We will be keeping the numbers low so that everyone can get lots of scene work in.


About the instructor:

Casey Haeg is an improviser, performer, and teacher from Minnesota. She has been performing in the Twin Cities since 2010. Casey was a main stage performer at ComedySportz Twin Cities, and HUGE Theater. During her time performing, Casey realized how important and beneficial improv can be on and off the stage. She started teaching improv in 2014, and has had the privilege of teaching people all over the power of "yes, and".  With Jon Butts, Casey co-found Two Friends Improv Theater in New Orleans, LA. The most important lessons Casey thinks you can learn from Improv are: being present, being open to what is given to you, and being aware of what we are saying (verbally and non verbally)."

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Seth K Thomas

Viola Spolin taught “the techniques of the theater are the techniques of communicating.” In this workshop, Seth K. Thomas  teaches useful techniques for developing unique characters. Drawing from the 24 major nonverbal communication codes displayed by every character – consciously or unconsciously, you can learn to isolate and manipulate the postures, gestures, and movement patterns to create characters ready to play.

Seth has worked with Second City Chicago and Los Angeles. He is a director and actor who hails from Oakland, California. Seth has been writing and performing comedy since 2000 and was a member of The Defiant Thomas Brothers; winner of the Best Sketch Award at the 2005 HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen. He is a sought-after teacher with a powerfully artistic approach to improv comedy. He will be teaching his workshop on physical choices and the effect if has on your pov thought life and character choices. 

Tony C.JPG

Tony Cavalero is a member of the main stage company of  The Groundling  he is currently a co-star in THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, the  Danny McBride series for HBO, and previously starred in and directed an episode of the Emmy-nominated SCHOOL OF ROCK as Dewey Finn. Other credits include MODERN FAMILY, LIFE IN PIECES, NEW GIRL, ANGIE TRIBECA, and DOG DAYS to name a few. Cavalero can be seen in the memorable role of rock icon Ozzy Osborne in the Motley Crue biopic, THE DIRT  Tony will be take part in an informal and spontaneous discussion about show business and comedy. 

Workshops from  Master teachers: Susan Messing, Rachael Mason, David Razowsky, and more! 

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