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Dear BRIF Community,

Our public health policies are designed to keep everyone as safe as possible. While we know there are no perfect answers, we are going to do our best to minimize risk at our events. As the producers of a public festival, we reserve the right to change the health policy at any time. Purchasing a ticket means you agree to abide by any policy changes we deem necessary without refunding tickets if it is still possible to attend events.


Based on guidance from health authorities and government agencies, we are implementing the following safety measures for the festival event: All patrons and performers will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination (second shot at least 14 days before the event), or take a COVID-19 diagnostic test within 72 hours before the event and provide proof of negative result to door staff prior to entering the venue.


If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to stay home and watch the live stream. It is possible that LSU will reinstate a mask mandate for group events in this case you will be required to wear a mask to attend shows and workshops. As of March 28th, that is not the case: the campus is currently mask-free.

It is always a possibility that the entire festival will pivot to a hybrid or completely online event. In this case, all tickets for the live performance will be refunded and workshops will be online. Note if you personally do not feel safe or are not healthy or are unable to make it to the live performance for any other reason including your location, many of the workshops will be online and most of the shows will be live-streamed.



Brett Duggan


PS Here the link below is an easy way to present vaccination cards at events. If you are coming from out-of-state, many states have apps like this one.

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