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Our Community Out Reach

Our Students are Important: On May 10th we are excited to be celebrating Improv day at Mckinney High School. Improv Day means that the Talent Students get a full day of improv Training followed by their very own online Improv Show! 

Our Vets are important: We are planning on a day of improv for local servicemen and women. On Date TBA we will be giving improv workshops to a group of our heroes! 


Our mission is to celebrate improvisation by producing a yearly improv festival that brings the best teachers and performers from around the world and showcases regional talent.

This year Baton Rouge Improv Festival is a five-day cultural event planned for May 12-16, 2021,  the BRIF’s programming aims to elevate traditionally underrepresented voices.

Baton Rouge Improv festival is a nonprofit pending organization formed to support performing artists and create a safe, healthy, diverse performance community in Baton Rouge. 

Our mission is to uplift and unit our community with the power of improvisational theater, festival aims to inclusively elevate, educate, innovate, and instill the community with improvisational theater through workshops and performances.


 Our mission is to introduce this spontaneous art form to people who have not had the chance to see improv or take an improv workshop or class. 


Our mission is to create opportunities for collaboration between improv and other improvisational art forms, including dance, music, poetry, film, and the visual arts. 


Our mission is to expose Baton Rouge to the transferral skills and life-changing philosophy of improvisation that can build teams, strengthen communication skills, empower leadership and improve problem-solving. And to do all the with the joy, style, and kindness that is part of Baton Rouge! 

We are committed to diversity and work to create a safe space for everyone to play - we believe that improv is truly for everyone. We support Black Lives Matter,  we support LGTBQ+ rights, women's rights. The festival invites and prioritizes the participation of BIPOC, LBGT-Q, and all-female improv teams and performers. And we are striving to get better all the time. 

Improv gives a creative voice to the performers! When improvising the performers are the writer-directors and actors, improvised theater can tell stories as unique and diverse as the people on stage making them up. The comedy we find can bring us together with joy and laughter!

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