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2022 Workshops

We have multiple improv experts coming to teach YOU during the 2022 Festival! All workshops will be offered as hybrid events, costing $20 for in-person participants and $10 for online!

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The Boys

Saturday, April 23rd at 12:30 pm

This four hour course will have you spending 2 hours with Susan Messing and 2 Hours with Rachael Mason. Hour break for lunch in the middle. Topics addressed will be specificity, character relationship, reference level and playing to the hight of your intelligence EVEN when everything is unbelievably stupid. Let’s just cut loose and have some serious fun. Susan and Rachael have taught and performed all over the world for ages now. They are teachers, writers, directors, and performers. Their workshops are full of mirth, direct feedback, and truth bombs. 

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John Lehr

Sunday, April 24th at 12:30 pm

A jack of all trades! John Lehr is a writer, performer and producer who was most notably known as the Geico Caveman. He has valuable experience and beneficial knowledge that he wants to share with YOU! Lehr's workshop is free for members of the LSU Theater Department.

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Shakespeare Workshop with Brian Lohmann

Friday, April 22nd at 3:00 pm

Get thee to a funnery! This class will explore how to use Shakespearean language and character types to create improvised scenes and plays in the style of Shakespeare. Instructor has been teaching this for over 2 years via Zoom and has a few “thees and thous” up his sleeve to help make Shakespeare totally accessible and fun – even to those who run away like they’re pursued by a bear at the very THOUGHT of Shakespeare. You probably know more of this stuff than you think you know, so why not “screw your courage to the sticking place” and give it a go.

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Space Work Workshop with Brian Jones

Thursday, April 21st at 3:00 pm

Up your game with Spacework! Hi. I'm Brian. Sometimes I'm a Henson puppeteer. Sometimes I work as a professional mime on Nickelodeon shows.  All the time, I use spacework in my improv - and I LOVE teaching it.


In this class, I'll show you three things to make your improv life easier.

1.  How spacework can keep the scene alive while your brain takes a break.

2.  How to combine spacework with emotion to better ground your character - thus relaxing your worry about what comes next.

3.  How mime and the 5 senses can transport you into the world so you'll have an abundance to react to.


If spacework seems like a chore, take this class!  I'll take the mystery out of it and replace it with JOY!

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