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2021 was a huge succes!

About BRIF 2022

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Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate improv by producing a yearly improv festival that brings the best teachers and performers from around the world and showcases regional talent.


To uplift and unify our community with the power of improvisational theatre. The festival aims to inclusively elevate, educate, and innovate the community through improvisational theatre through workshops and performances. 

To introduce this spontaneous art form to people who have not had the chance to see improv or take an improv workshop or class. 

To create opportunities for collaboration between improv comedy and other improvisational art forms including dance, music, poetry, film, and the visual arts. 


To expose Baton Rouge to the life-changing philosophy of improvisation that can build teams, strengthen communication skills, empower leadership and improve problem-solving. And to do all this with the joy, style, and kindness that is part of Baton Rouge!

This year our outreach is in three parts.  1) We will be working to bring Improv to the youth of Baton Rouge by working with high schools. 2) We will be offering workshops to veterans. 3) We are developing a program for people with Autism and those on the spectrum.  



The Baton Rouge Improv Festival is a multi-day cultural event in celebration of the art and comedy of improvisation.  BRIF is a non-profit 501c3 organization dedicated to bringing people together into the electrifying now; to uplift, educate and inspire.


Events will include comedy and improv performances, networking, panels, and workshops with some of the most talented teachers and performers in the region and special guest teaching artists from around the world.                                       

Who We Are

We are committed to diversity and work to create a safe space for everyone to play - we believe that improv is truly for everyone. We support Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, Women's Rights, and more. The festival invites and prioritizes the participation of BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and all-female improv teams and performers. And we are striving to get better all the time. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Volunteer and Donate

If you wish to be part of the team that makes BRIF happen please contact us at


Baton Rouge Improv Festival is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.  All Donations are tax deductable 

BRIF 2022

Out Reach

Baton Rouge Improv Festival will be featuring performances and workshops from some of the finest improvisers in the world and in the region. This year will be no different. Expect to see the best improvisers in the world. This year we are also hosting a college improv festival featuring LSU Improv Club and Colleges team from around the country. The performance will take place in multiple locations around Baton Rouge including LSU School of Theater and the Manship Theater. some streaming in from around the world.

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