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Workshops are open to anyone if you have had a little or a lot of improv experience.

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1pm Saturday April 22st

Hitting the Wall and Staying in it

We all have hit the proverbial wall in a scene, but how do recover from it? In this
workshop session we will explore the possibilities that are still left in that scene to
either climb that wall or breakthrough it. There is either gold on the other side or a dud,
but either way, it’s a place that all improvisers should explore. Hit the wall and stay in
the moment.
As you leave this session, one of my hopes is that you have a stronger sense of
confidence once the wall is hit. Much like an athlete who plays through an injury, we
will look at some ways to play through those moments.
“The outcome is on you, and it always has been” – Dimon Hinsou.

3pm Saturday April 22st

Been doing improv for a second, and now you are looking to level up your scene work? This workshop is for you! We will cut to the meat of the scene,  by focusing on the relationship and finding out what's most important to our characters. Through honesty and vulnerability, our characters will become full and more dynamic scene partners. 

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