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Workshops are open to anyone if you have had a little or a lot of improv experience.

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11am 2 pm
Saturday April 27 2024

Kevin McDonald's workshop

Spolin Workshop
12pm Sunday April 28

This is a rare opportunity to work with two of the most experienced Improv workshop leaders. World Improv side-coach, Max Schafer, and Dillard University Professor, Ray Vrazel, will be offering a fun, play- based workshop showcasing the essential aspects of improvisation, to facilitate players into becoming better actors, improvisors, and people.


If you ever had the feeling during a workshop that it has stopped being fun, it’s difficult to connect with your fellow players,  the audience is not responding, you feel like you are waiting around a lot, then this workshop may help.


Rather than hearing a lot of lecture, this workshop is totally  play-based, allowing you learn through practice and side-coaching. 


In this Spolin based workshop, we will touch upon essential Improv elements:

  • The 7  aspects of spontaneity

  • Playwriting vs being “Out of you head, and in the Space.”

  • Going beyond space objects and into the Where

  • Physicalization and Inner action


Max Schafer is author of “Viola Spolin’s Theater Game for the Classroom Multimedia CD.” He  was a student of Viola Spolin  and Paul Sills. He has led hundreds of workshops in the US and around the world.

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Two is a Crowd
Improv Workshop

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Intro to improv
Saturday at 10am

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